What’s the Difference Between the Different Types of Interventions?

Addiction to drugs like tramadol is often a hidden disease, but keeping it in the shadows harms everyone involved. When it’s clear a person is in trouble but is unwilling to get help, an intervention can be a life-altering option.

Addiction is a thorny disease and many people…

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Dealing With the Pain, Anger and Fear of Having an Addicted Loved One

Addiction to drugs like tramadol brings on strong, powerful emotions. For the family and friends of a person suffering with addiction, emotions may be more intense because the addicted person is blunting his emotions with drugs or alcohol.
Addiction and Personal Behavior
Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease with…

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Should Children Be Involved in Interventions?

Friends and family members of people who struggle with addiction to drugs like tramadol are often desperate to help them. Unfortunately, one of the hallmarks of addiction is that people who are caught in its grip often do not realize their need for help. For this reason, friends and family…

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5 Ways That Your Recovery Can Help Others

Completing the journey from addiction to sobriety is an amazing achievement and an inspiring example to others struggling with addiction to drugs like tramadol.

Hearing About One Person’s Recovery Gives Others Hope

Hope is the foundation of anyone’s recovery. The belief that things can get better on top…

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4 Ways to Discuss Rehab with Others

Although talking about rehab is a dynamic way to heal and get sober, people in treatment for addictions to drugs like tramadol often struggle with the process. It can be difficult to know who to trust, how much to share and when to keep things to yourself entirely. Sometimes intellectual…

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