How Important Is It to Build Friendships in My Support Group?

Friendships with others offer valuable psychological benefits, especially during times of stress. While it can be difficult to make friends when struggling with addiction, the act of reaching out to supportive people drastically improves well-being and increases a person’s ability to fight cravings and temptations.
Finding Friends in…

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Why Do I Need Community in Recovery

Humans are social creatures; without healthy, loving interactions, people suffer. In fact, social isolation is linked to addictive behaviors and researchers now understand people need healthy relationships with others to live satisfying, fulfilling lives.
Everyone Needs a Loving Community
In biology, a community is defined as a group of different…

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Mending Personal Relationships in Recovery

Early recovery is full of conflicting emotions. It’s natural to feel excited about starting a substance-free life, but feelings of fear are normal, too. The loved ones around a person new to recovery also don’t know what to expect. It’s a time of uncertainty for everyone…

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3 Steps to Make Room in Your Life for Sobriety

The period of sobriety right after intense addiction treatment is often called the honeymoon period because addicts are so excited to begin a new sober life and confident about their ability to avoid cravings and temptations. Staying sober past the honeymoon, however, takes serious adjustments in everyone’s lifestyle.


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