Who Can I Talk to If I Don’t Trust My Family?

It’s hard to put the function back into a dysfunctional family. When a family grapples with addiction to drugs like Tramadol, abuse or issues of control, it’s important to reach outside for professional help.

Ideally, family members should help each other during difficult times, but sometimes family dynamics…

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How Healthy Does Detox Get Me?

Detox is an important part of fighting addiction to drugs like Tramadol, but it’s only a single step toward recovery. Going through the detox process without follow-up treatment leaves out the dramatic psychological changes offered by evidence-based treatments.
Detoxification During Addiction Treatment
Medical detox from drugs and…

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3 Reasons to Not Waste Time Before Getting Sober

Addiction to drugs like Tramadol is a tricky disease. It affects a person’s thinking and behavior, distorting the reality around her. When a person makes the decision to get sober, she should find treatment immediately. Readiness for change is a powerful tool for getting better and the key to…

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3 Arguments in Favor of Rehab

Deciding to go to rehab is a process. The idea may begin with feelings of denial—it’s not that bad! Over time, however, problems add up, and addiction symptoms get worse. Fighting addiction to drugs like Tramadol alone is no longer an option.

When a person feels he is…

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Reviewing DBT

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a powerful tool to help a person understand the impact of her thoughts and feelings in a way that transforms self-esteem and personal motivation. An evidence-based form of psychotherapy, DBT treats many conditions including addiction to drugs like tramadol, mood disorders and personality…

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