4 Best Ways to Educate Yourself About Addiction

Addiction does not always affect people the same way. Some people effectively hide addictions from employers and family members while still showing subtle signs, while other people can have such difficulty controlling their cravings and withdrawal symptoms that everyone knows they are addicts. However, you can identify the disease in…

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5 Tips to Prevent the Development of Addiction

Addiction researchers know the best way to fight addiction is to prevent it before it starts.

As with any disease, limiting risk factors is the secret to getting the best outcomes. Scientists know a lot more about addiction now than when modern insights began surfacing in the 1970s. This new…

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How the New Hydrocodone Regulations Could Affect Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse in America has reached epidemic proportions report findings from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Many people are shocked to realize they are part of the problem. They do not know that using medication without a personal prescription, taking it in a way other than…

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Social Rejection and Addiction

Popping pills to take away emotional pain may be a popular scenario, but it’s a miserable way to deal with feelings of loneliness or isolation. When a person turns to substances to feel better, any relief comes at a price, and the situation worsens in the long run.

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The Downside of Treating Addiction as a Crime

Legal problems are one unfortunate consequence of addiction to tramadol.
Social Stigmas: Treatment Deterrents
In the past society viewed drug addiction as a sign of moral weakness and stereotypes of addicts as uncaring reprobates prevailed. Other misconceptions cited by Psychology Today included the following:

Addicts are bad, crazy, or stupid…

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