Hair-Pulling Disorders, Body Image and Depression

Body image issues and depression are common mental health concerns. Trichotillomania, a condition marked by compulsive hair pulling, is less common body-focused disorder (BFD) that is often comorbid with depression.

Trichotillomania 101

According to the Trichotillomania Learning Center, trichotillomania is a disorder that causes people to pull out the…

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What Are Secondary Addictions?

The term secondary addiction is used in various ways. Sometimes someone who abuses more than one drug becomes addicted to both. Generally the strongest and longest-lasting addiction is considered the primary addiction and the other secondary. People may also use the term to refer to a co-dependent situation…

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Avoiding Problematic Tramadol Use Patterns

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 16 million Americans are swept up in the prescription drug addiction epidemic. Many of them never see it coming. Some do not even know that the way they take tramadol qualifies as illegal abuse. The key to protecting yourself from…

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Unintentional Tramadol Dependence

How Tramadol Dependence Begins
Dependence on tramadol can develop rather easily. Because it is prescribed by a doctor, some patients assume that tramadol is safe and does not carry the same risk of addiction that street drugs have. They may take the prescribed doses on the schedule specified by…

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Insomnia and Tramadol Abuse

Many people who suffer from an illness will try to self-medicate their symptoms. This can include anything from taking illicit drugs to taking more than a doctor prescribed. Both can cause life-threatening situations: insomnia can devastate someone, and tramadol addiction sets people up for failure.
Effects of Insomnia…

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