History of Tramadol

The relief of pain is one of the biggest reasons for the expansion of the healthcare and pharmacology empires. One main pharmaceutical company that decided to fight against the pain that millions of people were suffering from was Grünenthal GmbH. Founded in 1946 in Germany, Grünenthal GmbH has been owned by the Wirtz family ever since then. Their first objective was to produce medicines for the penniless German inhabitants after the Second World War. To manufacture their products, they used medicinal herbs they cultivated on their leased land. In 1948, the company experienced an important event; Grünenthal brought the first penicillin medication on the market.

Grünenthal enlarged its product range by cooperation with other pharmaceutical companies and by performing its own researches. In 1962, tramadol was born and Tramal® development started. After 15 years of uninterrupted investigation, Tramal® (tramadol) was launched in 1977. This molecule revolutionized the painkiller market because it is different from other opioids, it has a double mode of action.

Tramadol Development

After the first tramadol release, other companies started to market this drug with a wide range of brand names and different pharmaceutical forms.

The latest pharmaceutical news says that once-daily tramadol was launched in Korea and Australia. It means that Tramadol has been also changed during the last 20 years. It has been improved to offer patients faster and better pain relief. Tramadol’s future will depend on how doctors and patients use it and how pharmaceutical companies improve this drug substance to make it the best in its category.

Tramadol has an important scientific background that enables this drug substance to help millions of patients all around the world and there is a family behind this active principle. The Wirtz family’s major concern is helping people who need medical support.

This history has been focused on the development of a pharmaceutical product. And it is not only associated with past, it is also the future of human health. Tramadol history does not have an end and this is a good thing.

With fewer gastrointestinal side effects and non-addictive/non-narcotic properties, tramadol HCI currently sells in excess of US$1.3 billion worldwide.

Tramadol Addiction Help

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