Tramadol Addiction Treatment Help

Tramadol is an opiate drug commonly prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. If users don’t take tramadol as prescribed, addiction can develop easily, and it can be nearly impossible to stop use without professional help. Due to this high addiction potential, doctors have recently begun to avoid prescribed tramadol unless absolutely necessary.

Tramadol Detoxification

Detox is the first step to tramadol addiction recovery. Tramadol detox usually lasts a few weeks, as the body is freed from the presence of all foreign chemicals. During detox, recovering users will experience severe withdrawal symptoms such as shaking and insomnia. Medical supervision can ease these symptoms and ensure safety during the detox process. Recovering tramadol users must receive further addiction treatment after detox, as detox is not a cure but simply a first step in the right direction.

Types of Tramadol Addiction Therapy

There are various types of tramadol addiction therapy, which can be used individually or combined for an even more effective addiction treatment experience. These therapies may include the following:

  • Individual tramadol addiction therapy consists of one-on-one meetings with a therapist where the therapist helps the user identify feelings and thoughts that contribute to tramadol abuse. By identifying these emotions, the user can learn to cope and to avoid drug use.
  • Group therapy teaches recovering users about tramadol addiction and allows for open discussion among peers. In group therapy, users learn more about their addiction and how to control it.
  • In support groups, users rely on each other to lift one another up and to help them learn how to beat tramadol addiction. Many support groups consist of 12-step programs or are faith based.
  • In residential treatment centers, users stay at a recovery facility for between one and three months while they receive therapy including the types listed above. Residential treatment centers are often the best type of treatment to seek since they incorporate several types of therapy.

No matter what sort of treatment you seek, it’s important to find a therapy center that treats not only the addiction but also the problems underlying it. Often there are emotional and psychological issues that need resolving before a person can overcome tramadol addiction.

Tramadol Addiction Help

If you’re suffering from tramadol addiction, there is hope. Our toll-free phone line is open 24 hours a day and we are standing by to find the right treatment center for you. Give us a call today and start rebuilding your life.

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